About Me

Welcome to thefisheronthemoon! This is my personal blog, originally created for my Irish adventure in 2015, it has transformed into a page about my general exploits on the sea.



Lets get started…My Name is Dan (26), I’m originally from the North Coast of Ireland and currently working and living in North Wales. The sea kayaking scene here is fantastic, the unique topography of our coastline combined with a very large tidal range, creates some very dynamic and challenging conditions for sea paddlers. I first came to Wales in 2012 and whilst studying a Sports Science Degree at Bangor University, I fell in love with the place.


Sea kayakers playground… Anglesey North Wales

I have spent the majority of my life in and around the sea, growing up on the Irish Coast I got into Body boarding, Sailing, Coasteering and Kayaking in a big way. Spending hours in the water has done nothing but good things, teaching valuable lessons and humbling me on countless occasions. Over the last few years of living in North Wales my focus has been on the “Performance” side of sea kayaking. To get a better understanding of what this entails … Click Here


Winter time in N.Ireland

The Aim of this blog is to try and convey my love for the sea, the moments that it challenges me, when I’m humbled and any lessons I’ve learned. I also want to introduce you to some of the People that I have the pleasure of paddling with and some of the gear we use.